Excelerate Energy Successfully Delivers Seven Winter LNG Cargoes

Consecutive deliveries support high demand during New England’s peak season

March 24, 2010

Salem, Massachusetts – With the departure of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier Exquisite on March 8, 2010, Excelerate Energy, L.P., (Excelerate Energy) owners / operators of Northeast Gateway (NEG) Deepwater Port, today confirmed successful completion of seven LNG cargos through the Port with the first delivery in November 2009.

The facility was designed and constructed specifically to support the anticipated high demand for natural gas from the New England area during their peak winter heating seasons. The facility received the first cargo for the most recent winter heating season on Nov 19th 2009 with the arrival of Excelerate Energy’s Energy Bridge Regasification Vessel (EBRV®) Excellence. Delivering natural gas at sendout rates varying between 180 and 500 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscfd), the NEG Port received a new delivery approximately every 10 days from Excellence, Explorer, Express, Exquisite and Excelerate. These LNG cargos were sourced from Egypt, Trinidad and Qatar and the volumes were marketed to customers in the Northeast by Barclays Capital.

The regasification system developed by Excelerate Energy allows its purpose-built EBRVs® to regasify its cargo of LNG and deliver vaporous natural gas through its two submerged turret loading buoys (STL) located approximately 90 feet below the water surface when not in use. With this technology they can achieve optimal sendout rates, maintain consistent flow and avoid interruption. The successful completion of seven consecutive deliveries through the NEG Port further demonstrate Excelerate Energy’s ability to deliver reliable base-load natural gas supplies into the New England market.

The NEG facility commenced commercial operations in 2008 and is located approximately 15 miles east of Boston in Massachusetts Bay. Excelerate Energy contracted with Algonquin to extend a 16-mile pipeline lateral from Spectra Energy’s HubLine to the Deepwater Port.

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