Excelerate Energy® Performs Unique Ship-to-Ship Transfer

42nd Ship-to-Ship transfer is both successful and groundbreaking

May 25, 2010

THE WOODLANDS, TX – Excelerate Energy L.P. continues to prove the commercial viability of Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfers of LNG. Excelerate has completed more than 40 LNG STS operations, transferring more than 5 million cubic meters of LNG. Excelerate achieved another first while completing its 42nd STS operation by utilizing its own Energy Bridge Regasification Vessel (EBRV®) Express to complete the gassing-up and cooling down of the new build EBRV® Expedient with a STS transfer operation off Dubai (U.A.E).

Gassing-up and cooling down typically takes place at a conventional LNG terminal as a ship comes out of dry dock or shipyard in preparation for receiving a cargo. Often this operation is an expensive and time-consuming procedure due to scheduling constraints with availability for LNG shipping and terminal access.

Gassing-up is an operation that displaces the inert gas atmosphere in the cargo tanks and piping systems with gaseous natural gas prior to cooling down the containment. Cooling down is the process of slowly reducing the temperature of the cargo tank atmosphere and surrounding containment prior to loading LNG. Together this process can take approximately 34-72 hours before loading a full LNG cargo.

Jonathan Cook, Excelerate’s Chief Operating Officer stated, “Excelerate’s new operation provides an efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution for placing a vessel into commercial service.”

Excelerate Energy’s specialized vessels are equipped with both an onboard regasification system as well as normal LNG discharge capability, enabling the vessels to offload at conventional LNG terminals, Excelerate’s own facilities and via STS transfer. Excelerate Energy pioneered commercial LNG transshipment with STS; a system using flexible cryogenic hoses, ‘dry-break’ emergency release couplings and other control systems which replicate, in all respects, the conventional LNGC-LNG Terminal cargo transfer. The ability to carry out STS transfers of LNG from standard LNG carriers (LNGCs) to Excelerate Energy’s EBRVs® prior to or during the delivery of natural gas into local distribution systems, whether via a Gateway™ or GasPort® facility, optimizes the regasification capabilities of the EBRVs®.


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