Company History

At Excelerate Energy, our name is synonymous with dynamic, innovative leadership in the floating LNG sector. From the beginning, our philosophy has been to utilize proven technology innovatively to respond to the changing needs of the market.

Over a decade ago, Excelerate Energy saw the need for a cost-efficient, fast-track solution for the importation of LNG and introduced the concept of onboard regasification of LNG. Since bringing floating storage regasification units (FSRUs) to market, our technology has been widely accepted across the globe and has created new markets for LNG.

  • Excelerate Energy logo sign

    July 2003:

    Excelerate Energy Formed

  • Excelerate's FSRU Excelsior

    January 2005:

    “World’s First Regas Vessel” EXCELSIOR Delivered

  • Excelerate's buoy installation at Gulf Gateway

    March 2005:

    “World’s First Deepwater LNG Port” Gulf Gateway Commissioned

  • Excelerate's STS LNG Transfer operations

    February 2007:

    World’s First Commercial LNG Ship-to-Ship Transfer

  • Excelerate's Teesside LNG Terminal

    February 2007:

    “World’s First GasPort” Teesside GasPort Completed

  • Excelerate's Northeast Gateway Deepwater LNG Terminal

    May 2008:

    “First LNG Facility on the United States East Coast in 30 Years” Northeast Gateway Commissioned

  • Excelerate's FSRU at Bahia Blanca GasPort

    June 2008:

    “South America’s First LNG Import Facility” Bahia Blanca GasPort Commissioned

  • Excelerate's STS LNG Transfer operations

    June 2008:

    “World’s First At-the-Dock LNG STS Transfer” Bahia Blanca GasPort

  • Excelerate's FSRU at Mina Al-Ahmadi GasPort

    August 2009:

    “Middle East’s First LNG Importation Facility” Mina Al-Ahmadi GasPort Commissioned

  • Excelerate's STS LNG Transfer operations

    May 2011:

    “100th Ship-to-Ship Transfer” More Than 12,600,000 m3 of LNG transferred

  • Excelerate's FSRU at GNL Escobar

    June 2011:

    “Argentina’s Second LNG Importation Facility” Escobar GasPort

  • Excelerate's FSRU at Hadera Gateway

    January 2013:

    “Israel’s First LNG Importation Facility” Hadera Gateway Commissioned

  • Excelerate's FSRU Experience

    May 2014:

    “World’s Largest FSRU” EXPERIENCE Delivered to Petrobras

  • Port Qasim LNG Terminal Jetty construction

    March 2015:

    “Pakistan’s First LNG Import Terminal” Port Qasim LNG Commissioned

  • December 2015:

    “First Re-Powered FSRU”  delivered to Jebel Ali LNG Terminal – Dubai, UAE

  • August 2016:

    “1000th Ship-to-Ship Transfer of LNG” Over 108,000,000 m3 of LNG transferred

We keep energy moving.

Complete flexibility to fit your needs – from FSRU to a complete gas delivery solution. Excelerate Energy is the only floating LNG provider offering services across the entire midstream LNG chain.