STS LNG Transfer

STS LNG Transfer enhances the capabilities of FSRUs by allowing for a continuous supply of natural gas for import and enabling small-scale LNG.

STS LNG Transfer – the value chain demanded it, so we invented it. In response to the demand for a more agile LNG importation solution, to enhance the capabilities of our FSRUs, and to increase the flexibility of cargo delivery operations, we developed and implemented the first commercial ship-to-ship (STS) LNG transfer system. With over 169,000,000 m3 of LNG transferred to date, we continually improve our operations to meet the changing needs of our customers and the markets we serve.

The system is fully tested, certified and exceeds international standards for the transfer of LNG. The process has been proven in a wide range of environmental conditions at multiple locations worldwide and is widely accepted in the LNG industry.


The STS LNG Transfer occurs in the open ocean, in a protected body of water at a location between the LNG load port and the market delivery point, or at a GasPort or Gateway terminal. A conventional LNG carrier moors alongside the FSRU and transfers its cargo to the FSRU via flexible cryogenic hoses. This allows us to use our FSRUs as distinct regasification terminals and reserve the conventional LNG carriers for long-haul transport and delivery of cargos from the LNG load port to the STS location. The trans-shipment operation can be undertaken without double-banking the LNG carriers, as well, by transferring the LNG cargo across or along the jetty from the supply vessel to the receiving vessel.


(as of June 2020)
Operation Count Total (CuM)
Excelerate Vessels 172 16,308,529
Third-Party Vessels 623 192,754,608
Total 1795 209,063,136


Watch how our STS LNG Transfer operations are conducted in GNL Escobar:

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