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Gulf Gateway Deepwater Port

World’s first offshore LNG receiving facility and the birthplace of the FSRU.

At a Glance

Gulf Gateway Deepwater Port, commissioned in 2005, the world’s first offshore LNG receiving facility and was the advent of the FSRU.

Years of Operation


Project Role

EPC, Commissioning, Operator




Excelerate Energy

Located 116 miles offshore Louisiana in the US Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Gateway Deepwater Port was the first time LNG was imported into a country not using a land-based LNG terminal. Not only was the onboard regasification concept proven to be highly effective, but it also opened the market to a new and innovative way to access natural gas.

Gulf Gateway consisted of a submerged turret-loading buoy provided by Advanced Production and Loading and a metering platform that allowed connection to multiple downstream pipelines.

  • Located 116 miles offshore Gulf of Mexico
  • Single buoy design with metering platform
  • Ability to receive LNG of virtually any specification (up to 1,200 Btu/scf)
  • Accessed existing subsea pipeline systems
  • The facility was decommissioned in 2012, due to the dramatic shift in the supply-demand balance in the United States from the proliferation of shale gas.
  • Some of the equipment from Gulf Gateway was recycled and used in other Excelerate projects.

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Our experience developing and operating floating regas terminals is unmatched in the industry.