Teesside GasPort

Second Operational LNG receiving facility in the United Kingdom.

Teesside GasPort® (TGP) was the world’s first dockside floating regasification facility located near Middlesbrough in the United Kingdom. Placed in service in February 2007, TGP delivered natural gas into the country’s National Transmission System and provided access to National Balancing Point markets. As an example of the flexibility and speed our GasPort technology offers, TGP was brought into service within 12 months of site selection and at a cost that is roughly 10% of a conventional land-based LNG terminal.

  • Site selection to in-service date in 12 months
  • Low capital cost, high flexibility asset for LNG imports
  • Ability to handle peak imports of up to 600 MMcf/d of natural gas
  • Nitrogen blending with the capability to deliver up to 5% N2
  • Dedicated jetty capable of accommodating up to 150,900 m3 FSRUs

The project was decommissioned in 2015 after the facility came to the end of its commercially viable life.

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