Northeast Gateway Deepwater Port

Dual-Buoy system in Massachusetts Bay.

To better meet the LNG needs of the densely populated Northeastern United States, Excelerate installed the Northeast Gateway® Deepwater Port (Northeast Gateway) 13 miles from shore in Massachusetts Bay. This offshore Gateway design consists of a dual submerged turret-loading buoy system and an approximately 16-mile pipeline connecting to the existing subsea HubLine pipeline operated by Algonquin Gas Transmission. Able to deliver natural gas at a rate of up to 600 MMcf/d, the Northeast Gateway provides access to premium United States markets.

Operating at Northeast Gateway also means operating among a dwindling right whale population. Excelerate partnered with Cornell University and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to develop a state-of-the art system that detects the presence of right whales. Aided by this tool, our ships voluntarily reduce speeds around sensitive areas, employ emissions-reduction systems and drastically reduce seawater intake and discharge. Our partnership has also contributed to the monitoring of sea life and the aquatic environment to discover better methods of reducing both noise and physical pollution.

  • Capable of up to 600 MMcf/d delivery rate
  • Connected to the Northeastern United States natural gas grid through a pipeline lateral built by Algonquin Gas Transmission
  • Promoted improvements in Excelerate Energy’s shipping fleet
    • NOx emissions reduced >90%
    • Seawater usage reduced by 98%
  • First new LNG receiving terminal built on the United States East Coast in more than 25 years
  • First LNG terminal to integrate state-of-the-art marine mammal detection technology with its LNG fleet operations


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