Guanabara Bay LNG Import Terminal

Guanabara Bay LNG Import Terminal, utilizing one of the industry’s largest capacity FSRUs – the Experience.

Under a 15-year time charter party, Excelerate Energy provides Petrobras with one of the industry’s most advanced FSRUs — the Experience. Having already built the Guanabara Bay LNG Import Terminal in 2009, Petrobras contracted Excelerate to build a more capable FSRU in order to keep up with projected demand. With the Experience, the facility was upgraded to 170,000 cubic meters of LNG storage capacity and a sendout capability of 22.5 million cubic meters per day.

While the Experience was in production, Excelerate Energy was able to provide a crucially important bridging solution by placing one of its existing purpose-built FSRUs at the facility. The Experience docked in Guanabara Bay on May 6 2014, and the first commercial operations commenced nine days later.  To this day, the Experience still continues to guarantee the supply of 50% of the country’s LNG regasification capacity.

  •  173,400 m3 FSRU
  • Able to transfer up to 22.5 million cubic meters/day of natural gas to the Southeast gas pipeline network
  • Supplies 50% of Brazil’s LNG regasification capacity
  • Primarily serves the thermal power plants in the region

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