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Our Products

Power Supply

We have the expertise to bring you clean power solutions.

Having direct access to diverse, low-cost, and reliable energy sources is a critical enabler for economic growth and improving the quality of life across the globe. And a stable electric infrastructure is a fundamental requirement to advancing energy security in underserved markets. At Excelerate Energy, we have a strong track record of bringing reliability, resiliency, and flexibility to energy systems.

Our LNG-to-Power solutions ensure the grid has the capacity to deliver electricity 24/7 while supporting intermittent renewables and the global effort to reduce greenhouse gasses. From project development and construction and operation to management and even equity partnership, our team has delivered both small and large projects ranging from 75 MW to over 650 MW.

Clean energy LNG terminal

LNG-to-Power Solutions

Through our custom, turnkey, and integrated solutions, we can substantially increase the overall efficiency of a country’s energy system.

Data-Driven System Modeling

The most crucial step is the first step – understanding your power system. Our team will provide a critical risk mitigation and economic analysis of the power project using current supply-demand and load center profiles. We will model your electricity system and understand how the power plant will dispatch electricity, the rate it will consume gas and any volatility in the system. Our years of creating custom energy solutions ensure that we will add value to your energy grid for the long term.

Greenfield Development or Converting Existing Infrastructure

Our integrated power solutions can include LNG import terminals, the conversion or expansion of existing infrastructure, and small-scale LNG distribution.

Supporting Captive Power

We can facilitate the conversion, construction, development, and supply for customers who need to develop or support onsite power projects in industrial or commercial settings through our customer solutions.

Expanding the Grid

Our power solutions provide security and resiliency to power infrastructures while increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Having a robust and flexible energy infrastructure to match swinging supply and demand is critical.

Scale and Commercial Flexibility

Our technology portfolio and depth and breadth of services offer you a broad range of competitive, flexible power solutions from full scale to small-isolated generation.

Investment Partner

We are your committed partner and will take risks alongside you, whether through financing or contributing equity to projects.