FSRU Shipping and Operations

Our FSRU Shipping and Operations providing for the safe, efficient flow of energy. Our personnel is uniquely qualified to manage regasification vessels.

When it comes to FSRU Shipping and Operations, Excelerate Energy is unmatched in the industry. Our fleet of ten LNG vessels, including a traditional LNG carrier and nine FSRUs, operates around the world providing for the efficient delivery of LNG to markets that need it.

At Excelerate Energy, our personnel is uniquely qualified to manage all aspects of regasification operations and logistics from before the arrival of the delivering LNG carrier at a load port to final delivery at the FSRU. Our team coordinates the logistics of each voyage to ensure each vessel is well operated and maintained to the highest standards of safety to ensure safe and timely delivery of each cargo to the point of delivery. Excelerate Energy has accumulated substantial expertise in floating LNG system integration and operation. With detailed planning and management, we achieve availability rates as high as 100%.

Facilities are manned 24/7 with specialized personnel, and our operations team ensures that each cargo delivery is executed smoothly and timely without issues. Our operations team also ensures that the fixed port facilities are maintained in an operational state of readiness and works closely with our local customers as well as local regulatory agencies and stakeholders.

Watch what it is like to work in our  FSRU Shipping and Operations:



We keep energy moving.

Complete flexibility to fit your needs – from FSRU to a complete gas delivery solution. Excelerate Energy is the only floating LNG provider offering services across the entire midstream LNG chain.