Floating Liquefaction (FLNG)

Effectively monetize both onshore and offshore gas reserves with Excelerate Energy’s FLSO.

Excelerate’s Floating Liquefaction Storage and Offloading (FLSO™) Vessel is our latest technology that allows suppliers of natural gas to effectively monetize both onshore and offshore gas reserves. The FLNG technology is not only applicable to stranded or smaller reserves that might not otherwise be developed by conventional means, but, given its cost-competitiveness, it is also a viable alternative to conventional onshore facilities.

The Most Complete LNG Solution

At Excelerate Energy, we have become synonymous with dynamic and innovative leadership in the floating LNG sector. Our fundamental philosophy has been to utilize proven technology innovatively, ensuring both reliability and cost efficiency. With this track record, it only seemed natural that we take the next step and complete our floating LNG portfolio by developing our own floating liquefaction vessel, known as the FLSO.

Unlike any other floating liquefaction design, the FLSO provides an effective solution at minimal cost. The FLSO is an autonomous floating structure that does not rely on any shore-based utilities to function. It is able to tap directly into a natural gas source, liquefy the gas and subsequently offload the LNG to either a traditional LNG carrier or one of our many FSRU vessels. The FLSO is built in the controlled environment of a shipyard. This avoids complex and costly onshore civil construction works, as well as associated environmental impact, and provides quicker time-to-market at a fraction of the cost.


Value Driven

  • Lower capital cost and shorter time to market than comparable land-based alternatives
  • Early gas and/or LNG monetization
  • Greater cost control with construction in a controlled shipyard environment

Minimal Footprint

  • Minimization of fixed infrastructure and overall environmental impacts

Design Flexibility

  • Beneficial for conventional or stranded reserves
  • Modular design with MTPA variants – 1 to 4 MTPA
  • Mobility allows movement between multiple reserves over a project’s life

We keep energy moving.

Complete flexibility to fit your needs – from FSRU to a complete gas delivery solution. Excelerate Energy is the only floating LNG provider offering services across the entire midstream LNG chain.