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Our Capabilities

LNG Marketing & Chartering

Delivering tailored LNG supply solutions to match your gas and power needs.

Our LNG marketing and chartering capabilities allow us to develop LNG procurement and logistical strategies aligned with our downstream customers’ goals.  Our services provide customers with the required visibility to the LNG market while being able to leverage upon our access to established relationships and logistical expertise.

Strong, global relationships

Our expertise and vast network make us the right partner to procure the required LNG to deliver the energy you need – when you need it, safely and efficiently.

Our team supports new consumers with LNG adoption in new and growing markets where LNG procurement is still developing. Utilizing established relationships across the globe, we partner with our customers to create optimal solutions based on their needs. Through our global portfolio, we can deliver flexible, reliable, and affordable solutions.

LNG Expertise

We are an established player in the LNG market with deep-rooted contractual relationships with major LNG suppliers, traders, and marketers globally.  This transactional framework allows us to adapt to market changes and provide solutions in real-time for our customers.

Logistical Expertise

Our extensive operational record has resulted in loadings at 46 terminals globally, discharging at 91 terminals, and completing over 2,300 STS transfers.  This hands-on experience of physical LNG deliveries ensures our ability to perform all operations in a smooth and efficient manner.  We understand the logistic challenges throughout the LNG value chain, and our teams can react and adapt as necessary to ensure supply commitments are met.

Global Portfolio Approach

While Excelerate Energy’s supply solutions are developed specifically for each customer, through our LNG Marketing and Chartering capabilities, they can access a global LNG portfolio providing much-needed flexibility and supply solutions.  Every market has its own unique downstream challenges that our team can help manage through its global reach.