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Our Capabilities

LNG & Gas Distribution

Let us bring our energy delivery solutions to you.

Through a variety of pipeline delivery methods, including small-scale LNG carriers, trucks, ISO containers, virtual, and FSRUs, we deliver LNG without the need to build out costly infrastructure.

From LNG import to delivery point – we swiftly develop projects, delivering cleaner, affordable and reliable energy.

After a deep analysis of our customers’ needs, we select the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective energy distribution solutions specific to each one.  Utilizing our industry-leading technologies, we can safely and reliably deliver natural gas – even in the most challenging locations or situations. From micro- LNG/CNG applications to bulk baseload pipeline gas, our solutions are right-sized yet scalable.

Our proven execution and industry knowledge in bridging the gap between supply and demand across the energy value chain is advantageous for customers in markets that need solutions quickly. We have developed and implemented full-scale LNG projects from start to finish in less than 12 months. Since our inception, we have delivered over 5 billion MMBTU, ranging from 50,000 MBTU to more than 750,000 MBTU daily, depending on the project.


Built for Reliability

From technology selection to project construction and operations, we design infrastructure systems that align with your throughput needs from per-day to per-hour requirements. Our flexible, integrated solutions can respond in real-time to changing market dynamics to ensure continuous natural gas delivery to downstream customers.



Our LNG and gas distribution networks are built to grow with our customer’s needs. A single Excelerate Energy terminal can deliver a wide range of gas volumes, from very small to an excess of 1 BCF. While our natural gas distribution network can also expand from gas pipelines to virtual pipelines via LNG trucking to reach remote areas outside a pipeline network.


Global Company With A Local Presence

At Excelerate Energy, our philosophy to operate locally provides significant advantages to our delivered solutions while allowing us to draw on a global range of experiences that match the local needs and requirements.


Safety and Environmental Excellence

Our natural gas infrastructure is designed in full compliance with local regulations and rigorous safety standards. From construction to operations, offshore to onshore networks, we strictly monitor our system 24/7 to ensure safety from construction through to continued operations while guaranteeing performance to our end-users.

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