Job Opening

Northeast Gateway Deep Water Port Manager

Department: Operations
Reports to:     Vice President, Operations
Location:         Salem, MA

Job Summary:

The Port Manager shall provide direct support to the key contractors and terminal staff, supply schedulers, and other personnel involved in the safe operation of the port. The successful PM will provide LNG and nautical expertise to enhance the management of all aspects of the ship/shore interface including, commercial and risk management issues, incident management/containment & response. The PM will develop the necessary management tools for the responsible operation, tracking and accounting, and due diligence oversight of the marine terminals. The PM will represent Excelerate’s corporate interests in marine issues with regulatory and port authorities and other external bodies including downstream pipeline operators. The performance of the PM will be judged on value-added to Excelerate’s core business with an emphasis on operational excellence and safety.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Ensure that senior management has in the field nautical expertise (available 24/7) to ensure safe, reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible terminal and cargo transfer operations;
  • Ensure policy consistency and develop performance measurement and business improvement particularly in respect of:
    • Risk management;
    • Ship / Shore operations;
    • Marine terminal vetting;
    • Terminal incident management
      • Including pre-planning, drills, prevention, incident response, and management;
    • Marine terminal audits;
    • Measure and manage continuous improvement in levels of terminal performance;
    • Management of demurrage exposure as a result of local operations;
    • Ensure that service level agreements are appropriate;
    • Ensure compliance with appropriate business controls and self-appraisal of business processes;
    • Deliver effective, fit for purpose marine advice, support, and problem-solving based on best practices, reasonable care standards, and due diligence models;
    • Add value through cost reduction, loss, and risk management;
    • Operate safely within the industry, Company, national and international standards, and regulatory requirements;
    • Manage relations and accountability with Federal, State, and local regulatory stakeholder agencies;
    • Manage oversight of regulatory and environmental compliance of key contractors;
    • Manage inventory and warehousing of locally maintained equipment;
    • Develop a thorough knowledge of the regasification and gas accounting process;
    • Overall scheduling of onshore and offshore logistics;
    • Overall maintenance and certification of STL Buoys and associated equipment;
    • Overall responsibility of Port Manuals and periodic updates;
    • Monitor and maintain safe weather parameters throughout all operations;
    • Act as the Port Facility Security Officer in charge of the Port Facility Security Plan;
    • Support the exercise of local oil spill response plans and support the management of any ship/shore anti-pollution interface;
    • Build and develop understanding and competence levels of local staff;
    • Conduct safety audits to help build a positive safety culture that promotes learning and sharing;
    • Support HSSE efforts in the accurate mapping of HSSE critical activities for marine interface operations;
    • Work with others on the operations team in the preparation and presentation of materials and other information on the ‘safety case’ for Excelerate’s proprietary systems; and
    • Ensure the development and implementation of a security policy system and process for marine terminal operations.

Position Dimensions:

The Port Manager shall:

  • Deliver a high level of technical and professional work, on time, on budget;
  • Set standards, measure progress, take effective corrective action in a timely and cost-effective manner;
  • Demonstrate professional judgment;
  • Grasp essential details and when the necessary act on incomplete data based on experience and best industry practices;
  • Be committed to continuous improvement professionally and technically;
  • Show a high level of personal energy and enthusiasm that breeds the same in others;
  • Integrate new ideas in the LNG process, technologies and projects;
  • Maintain a wide network of influential thinkers and practitioners inside and outside of the company;
  • Keep an eye on the horizon, anticipating opportunities or problems in advance and tap into networks accordingly;
  • Demonstrate a continuing commitment to professional and technical development and growth for himself and others; and
  • Understand and promote effective mentoring, coaching, and learning behavior in others.

Qualifications and Educational Requirements:

  • Thorough knowledge of marine terminal, shipping operations, and ship/shore interface management.
  • Senior Officer Experience on tankers or managing tank vessels.
  • SIRE accreditation would be a distinct advantage.
  • Seagoing experience with LNG vessels would be an advantage.
  • Knowledge and understanding of HSSE concepts and management techniques, Hazard Identification, and Risk Management.
  • Knowledge of International and Federal legislation and standards for maritime safety and commerce, in general, LNG, Oil and Gas industry in particular.


  • Self-Motivated, mature professional with the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze and develop proposals and solutions for a wide range of technical and operational problems.
  • Ability to manage and integrate with others in different functions.
  • Good communicator, both written and oral.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills (including teamwork) are essential for success in this position. Memberships in professional organizations relating to LNG, terminal and maritime operations, safety, and environmental areas of interest are also preferred.

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