The Environment

Excelerate Energy changed the LNG industry with the development of floating storage and regasification technology, which increased the availability of natural gas to markets around the world that previously had little or no access to this clean-burning fuel source.

Our solutions not only enable markets to take advantage of the environmental benefits of natural gas, but we operate one of the most environmentally friendly fleet of LNG vessels in the world. Our floating technology solutions also eliminate the need to construct large on-shore storage facilities that can require hundreds of acres of land for siting.

Minimal Environmental Footprint

Operating facilities around the world, we are always sensitive to the local environment in which we operate, to minimize our environmental footprint and reduce potential impacts to the surrounding marine environment. Our near shore GasPort technology is able to utilize existing dock and jetty facilities, eliminating the need to construct new greenfield facilities. Our deepwater Gateway buoy technology allows the placement of the import facility many miles offshore, avoiding populated areas.

Our vessels are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art environmental controls which satisfy both US and International standards. Through years of proven operational experience, Excelerate has been able to develop operational strategies designed to be efficient and environmentally friendly.

Continued Commitment

As many countries increase their individual renewable energy initiatives, natural gas continues to be revered as a complementary fuel when integrated into an overall energy portfolio to meet environmental objectives. Excelerate works hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure they have an adequate supply of clean-burning natural gas. Through innovation, at Excelerate Energy we constantly seek to improve the efficiency of our technology, not only to enhance its commercial capabilities, but also to protect the environment.

We keep energy moving.

Complete flexibility to fit your needs – from FSRU to a complete gas delivery solution. Excelerate Energy is the only floating LNG provider offering services across the entire midstream LNG chain.