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Assistant Manager – Environmental, Energy, and Regulatory Programs

As a member of the Operations Excellent team, and in support of Excelerate’s overall Health, Safety Security Environmental and Quality (HSSEQ) programs, the Assistant Manager – Environmental and Regulatory Programs will be responsible for developing and managing Environmental and Regulatory Compliance programs as part of the overall HSSEQ Program for Excelerate Energy owned and managed vessels and operational assets including terminals.

This includes development, drafting, editing, communicating, reports, and advice for programs, procedures, and new initiatives aimed at reducing our impact on the environment and energy consumption.  They shall also interface with other departments and provide input providing direction, instruction, oversight, and advice with regard to environmental and regulatory compliance for vessel operations, terminal operations as well as market access points and marine interfaces within Excelerate’s operations envelope.



Reports To:

Manager Operational Excellence   


Antwerp, BE, Dubai UAE, or The Woodlands, TX

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Include but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Develop and maintain the Environmental Management System and Plan, HSSEQ and Regulatory Compliance Registers, and the Energy Management System and Plan including business risk registers, ERS documentation, leading to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 compliance.
  • Measures implementation and updating SEEMP, MRV, documents (as required); focus continuously improving energy management, by designing and implementation of the monitoring system monitoring current performance (target, baseline, and actual).
  • Ensure that HSSEQ and regulatory requirements / standards are properly integrated into the SMS/Management System and project implementation plans
  • Act as the Environmental Program and Energy Management Representative, and overall SME to senior leadership and internal customers.
  • Maintain and develop effective safe work practices through alignment with company objectives and the Company Management System Standards
  • Provide training to internal customers on HSSEQ regulatory and environmental requirements.
  • Support the management of HSSEQ assurance systems and programs and HSSEQ Regulatory Compliance Plan.
  • Support the development and achievement of annual and long-term HSSEQ Improvement Plans.
  • Support the staff contact with federal, state, and local regulators that have regulatory jurisdiction over the various components of the HSSEQ program and project
  • Clearly identify key issues, constraints, and vulnerabilities early, and develop mitigation plans to prevent negative cost / schedule impacts
  • Organize / participate in weekly and monthly meetings to ensure a common understanding of requirements, deliverables, and status of the work
  • Identify / develop budgets associated with Environmental and Energy program needs and other compliance activities, and ensure they are included in the project estimates
  • Provides ongoing communication to management for permitting progress.  
  • Understand company positions on Environmental, Energy, and Regulatory issues both locally and broadly and support advocacy with governmental and non-governmental institutions.
  • Support the development of annual and long term HSSEQ Improvement Plans
  • Understand how and use to fullest benefit the ETM SMS is used to drive environmental protection and regulatory compliance and support the corresponding work processes.
  • Understand applicable regulations impacting our business, communicate focus points and work to implement cost-effective solutions that ensure compliance.
  • Analysis of HSSEQ performance and trends, develop HSSEQ quarterly and annual reports for internal and external stakeholders; Identify HSSEQ Leading and Lagging indicators – develop action plans with stakeholders
  • Monitor Environmental Technology developments and where necessary make innovative business proposals to enable continual improvement.
  • Manage all third-party contractors performing environmental monitoring and/or testing programs and interface with the Project Team to ensure third parties conducting in commissioning / start-up planning are all ways ready to execute their work scope.
  • Coordinates activities of third-party HSSEQ contractors utilized by the Company.
  • Recommend HSSEQ improvements to marine, engine, plant, and terminal operations to ensure overall HSSEQ compliance
  • Support environmental business planning, permitting, and (if applicable), environmental impact assessment processes.
  • Support Project Permitting, and highlight permitting issues / recommendations to Project Management on a real-time basis for resolution; If given a project to directly support, steward ongoing permitting activities and compliance issues to Project Team management
  • Provide HSSEQ Advice to stakeholders aligned with best practice and ETM SMS and standards.

Qualifications & Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Maritime, or Engineering preferably in Petroleum, Chemical or Environmental. Other degrees will be considered commensurate with work experience.
  • Minimum 10 years of relevant professional experience is required.
  • Candidates should have experience regarding the HSSEQ field(s), ship management, preferably related to maritime, Offshore, or oil and gas industry projects.
  • Candidates should have experience in HSSEQ Analytics and HSSEQ program implementation.
  • Candidates should have experience in auditing or knowledge of ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 / ISM / ISPS / SIRE / TMSA and MTMSA
  • Candidates preferred to have experience in EPA environmental permitting, environmental compliance, and regulatory affairs.
  • Candidates should have excellent interpersonal and communication skills

All qualified candidates please apply at