Aguirre Offshore GasPort

Aguirre Offshore GasPort®: Powering Puerto Rico with an innovative, proven offshore LNG solution.

The Aguirre Offshore GasPort Project will be a floating offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification facility off the southern coast of Puerto Rico. The facility will provide fuel to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s (PREPA) Central Aguirre Power Plant and is a step forward in the island’s strategy to convert power generation from high-cost, high-emissions imported oil to cost-effective, cleaner-burning natural gas.

The Aguirre Offshore GasPort will be located just outside the Jobos Bay Reserve, the second largest estuarine area in Puerto Rico. The reserve protects some of the most extensive mangrove forests on the island and encompasses over 2,500 acres of an inter-tidal tropical ecosystem. Along with healthy sea grass beds, the reserve is home to the brown pelican, peregrine falcon, hawksbill turtle and West Indian manatee.  Excelerate Energy is committed to preserving the Jobos Bay Reserve while ensuring minimal disruption to the activities in the bay. In addition to reducing the air emissions from the plant by switching from fuel oil to natural gas, there will be a major reduction in the number of fuel-oil barge deliveries crossing the Jobos Bay Reserve to the Aguirre Power Plant. Reducing the number of barges crossing the Bay reduces the impact on the endangered manatees that live in the Bay and lowers the risk of fuel oil spills.

  • The Aguirre Power Plant was selected because it has the largest power-generation capacity on the island and highest fuel cost of all PREPA’s facilities. Converting the Plant to natural gas will yield the most savings to the island.
  • For the Aguirre project, an overall reduction in air emissions is estimated to be the equivalent of eliminating greenhouse gases from more than 335,000 passenger cars.
  • The facility will reduce the number of fuel barges transiting the Jobos Bay Reserve.
  • GasPort dockside configuration with across-the-dock ship-to-ship transfer
  • Will operate in closed-loop vaporization mode
  • High-pressure gas arm incorporated in design

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